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Automator – Autoreads and plays the comic for you Promotions – Go shopping on our website Sneak Peek – See the next issue Your Anomaly – Manually read the...

More Than Comic Con / Addressing Real Issues

The digital comic book addresses issues pertaining to human trafficking, bullying, gender inequality, and much more. One of the first issues that we were able to address or at...

Share Your Stories

Aside from some of the many cool features mentioned, Global Digital Comics also encourages readers to share their stories with them. If stories shared by the readers coincide with...

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Marine develops a plan for life of service

Marine develops a plan for life of service

The largest newspaper in San Diego features AB&IG Founder and CEO Gabriel Adibe Read More

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Often we notice issues that affect us (our families, friends, and those around us). Just as often we think to ourselves, “I wish there was something that I could do to make a difference.” It is not that we don’t want to make a difference; it’s just that many times we don’t know where to start.  AB&IG has a vision. This vision is of people making a difference in their lives and the lives of others through new and innovative means. The products that AB&IG produces are made with…